First, a little background information...
A couple of months ago, our car was driven into by a lorry on the way to school. Although we were all unhurt, our poor little car didn't make it. Consequently, we have a new, shiny, silver car - which broke down on us three times before the dealer's mechanic managed to find the fault and fix it.
This week, I got the chance to look at Older Son's drawing book from school. And I found this:
Notice how the sun is shining and the passengers are celebrating their new shiny silver car. All of this is accurate.
And then I turned the page, and I found this:
Notice the plumes of smoke and stick-figure-me's extremely unhappy face. And the arrows, pointing to the source of the smoke. All of this is also accurate.


  1. As usual, this cracks me up. Though, it isn't your misfortune that cracks me up, just the drawings. :)

  2. Don't worry, I was pretty amused by it too!